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epidmicHey fellow walkers please help up get this movie the support it needs to get filming started it looks like it could be very interesting and a good cast lined up for it, So click the link and see what its about and what help they need V””””V

Ever wanted to be a part of a Production? Here is your chance — go check out the link see what its all about. Maybe you can be a part of the Zom Poc movie industry11

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THE EPIDEMIC is about an alien virus that infects mankind with a deadly flesh eating disease. As the virus takes control it converts man into a blood lusting zombie. We have put together a great cast for the film that fans all over the world can enjoy.

As Producers we have invested a great deal of time and money putting together this team of stars from the past, present and future. We have fully developed the script and our zombies into something new and exciting which also crosses the action/horror/science fiction genres.

We want to bring this movie to you, zombie fans,everywhere in the world at the same time! And that is why we have chosen crowd funding. We believe a film needs to be available, and it’s you – the audience – who decides when, where and how. That’s the reason we need your support. The moment we start getting funding from distributors is the moment we lose this opportunity. So, instead, we’d prefer pre-selling the film to you, and use that money to make the film. This is the only way for us to retain control on distribution. That’s why we selected movie and wrestling stars because the fans have the power to make this happen.

What We Have:
We have movie stars and wrestling stars
NABET 700 Dispensation – use of union technicians in non union capacity
We have Ontario Film Tax Credits
We have a Sales Agent that is making Canadian pre-sales
A great script
A really good CGI artist
We have already invested $70,000
We have an Edit Suite
We have been approved for a 500k production grant for crew and production costs.
We have an amazing theatrical distribution plan involving zombie walks in both Canada and the USA.

What We Need Crowdfunders For:

Star wages/Riders/Travel
Special Effects Makeup
Professional camera gear and operators
Locations Permits/Film Permits
Sound Design/Composer
These costs are all necessary to produce a top level quality film. We are not like most of the other films on crowd funding sites. We will only make the film when we know we have a budget we can work with to bring you, the crowd funder a great film. Something you can proudly claim that you supported. The more funding we get, the better the film will be and will be put in the visual/makeup/CGI effects.

What You Get:
Perks you will get at end of Campaign:
Special Thanks Credit IMDB
Official Epidemic Hat or T-Shirt
Autographed DVD “Insight Of Evil” Directors first film
Special Thanks Credit IMDB
Perks you will get during production:
Be a zombie in the film
Get a Cameo in the film
Be a supporting Actor/Actress in the film
Film student Perk
Autographed Poster by Cast and Filmmaker
Perks you will get when film is completed:
Artists: Get your music featured in film
Associate Producer Credit
Product Placement
Here are a few zombies that will be in the film because of their help!

The Impact

Imagine being able to control the world of movies that get made and released. By supporting this film you will be making a statement. “We love Zombies, Give us Zombies, and great stories to where zombies are the main characters”.


Here is a video of Larry Zerner (Friday the 13th part: 3 “Shelly”) stating his involvement in our film. He will play the role of Tim.
Join this world wide epidemic Become part of the epidmic and find your place in the zombie apocalypse!!!

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