Why Fear The Walking Dead Will Never Be Better than The Walking Dead

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, the series’ protagonist and father of Carl and Judith, who has balanced his brutality and humanity

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, the series’ protagonist and father of Carl and Judith, who has balanced his brutality and humanity

“The Walking Dead” spinoff premieres in August, and it’s called “Fear The Walking Dead.” Can this secondary show stand up to the immense popularity of its source series? The plot, setting and characters are new, but it’s the same old zombie apocalypse. Here are Design & Trend’s five reasons why “The Walking Dead” will always be better than its spinoff.

1) It’s The Original

“The Walking Dead” debuted in 2010, and it’s taken the world by storm. Over the past five years, AMC has crafted a story and brand that nobody saw coming. As soon as zombies crawled their way to the TVs of millions, there was no turning back. For now and the foreseeable future, audiences everywhere are obsessed with zombies. They existed for decades before, but “The Walking Dead” reintroduced them to a modern demographic.

Given the recent zombie craze, other networks have tried to cash in on the movement. It’s why shows like “The Strain” exist. Still, many see these series as secondary to the one that started it all. Unfortunately, “Fear The Walking Dead” seems liable to fall into the same category. People naturally prefer what came first, and “The Walking Dead” will always have that honor.

2) The Plot Is More Developed

Because “The Walking Dead” has enjoyed a five-year head start in developing its story, the original series will always have a more complex plot than its spinoff. At this point, season 5 has brought us to a place far beyond casual introductions. Not only is the main concept full of tension, but its side arcs are getting just as thick.

“Fear The Walking Dead” will have to begin its narrative from square one. This means acclimating new viewers to the situation and introducing the people involved. Why bother sitting through the extra lead up when “The Walking Dead” has already progressed far past that stage? The first season or so will be rough for that reason, but it may change eventually.

3) Rick And Daryl

Fans of “The Walking Dead” will likely agree that Rick Grimes and Daryl Dixon are two of the coolest characters on TV today. Since appearing on the original AMC series, actors Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus have built massive fan bases through their TV performances. Especially as the story has evolved, these two characters have become a focal point for the entire industry to watch. They’ve become household names that every network is envious of.

The Walking Dead Daryl

 the group's primary hunter and Rick's second-in-command, who has finally overcome past abuse

the group’s primary hunter and Rick’s second-in-command, who has finally overcome past abuse

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“Fear The Walking Dead” stars “Gone Girl’s” Kim Dickens and “Live Free Or Die Hard’s” Cliff Curtis. The girlfriend-boyfriend family duo creates a divorce dynamic that’s a major source of tension for the show’s early episodes. One daughter is a genius, one son is angry after the split and the other is a troublemaker. Where haven’t we heard these tropes before? Their performances may be great, but, if the characters delve too deep into stereotypes, they’re no match for Dixon and Grimes.

4) The Deep South Is More Dangerous

Franchise creator Robert Kirkman continues to stress the vast difference in setting between “Fear The Walking Dead” and “The Walking Dead.” Instead of taking place in Atlanta, its spinoff occurs in the Los Angeles area. Kirkman also said that the new series won’t feature the woodland conflicts that “The Walking Dead” has become famous for. That basically leaves coasts and cities for the taking.

With buildings and water to keep the new cast safe, doesn’t it seem like Rick Grimes and crew are in a far more dangerous scenario? Plus, it’s worth noting that “Fear The Walking Dead” is a prequel as well. In that sense, it will take longer for danger to arrive. Danger is what makes “The Walking Dead” so gripping, and the setting and story of “Fear The Walking Dead” doesn’t suggest that it will get here fast.

5) How Different Can It Be?

Leading up to “Fear The Walking Dead’s” August premiere, cast and crew have devoted lots of time to convincing audiences that the spinoff will feel like an entirely new show. Still, how different can it be? No matter how much the setting, timeline or characters change it’s still the same basic idea. Zombies have taken over a U.S. city, and we see one group’s method for dealing with the threat.

That premise is something we already enjoy for most of the year with the source show. “The Walking Dead” has a great concept, but it’s hard to make it feel fresh beyond one series. It almost hurts the show that many of the same team members are involved with both projects. It’s hard to convince anyone that this spinoff isn’t just more of the same.

Will “Fear The Walking Dead” ever be as good as “The Walking Dead?” Let us know in the comments section!



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