Who We Are

ours.jpgHello: We are extreme hardcore fans of the greatest show ever — The Walking Dead. We Are Retired, Housewife, A Chef, In Customer Service, College Kid, & Radio Host who have Dreams that are much more than hobbies!!

We are not a company, Not Affilated with AMC Or The Walking Dead. We are just regular people who have such a Love for TWD and AMC we watch all shows on AMC as it is the best network in terms of what to watch and enjoy!!
Our Main Contributors are :

Bruce Johnson Co Owner of Twddeadtalk.com RIP

Nora Clizbe Jones Co Owner of Twddeadtalk.com

Vernon Newton Creator and Owner of The Walking Dead
Fan Base facebook fan Page and Facebook Group RIP

Cj Creech Owner of Creech Creative Productions

Gary Hill Owner of Hillster Productions

Skot Pierson — The Zombie Guru

We all met each other thru Facebook Walking Dead Fan Groups– We try hard to keep you upto date on what is happening as we do get exclusives thru AMC!! We are just normal people on a wordpress blog trying to make your Walking Dead Experience the best it can be. Please stay tuned for Contests, Polls, & Quizes. And if you have any questions just email us. info@extremefansonly.com

Mission Statement : This is an informational Blog to inform, educate and report news about the greatest show on earth.

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