Twd Head Bows and More for you ladies and your Little asskickers

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Hope that you guys like sales!!!! From now until 9:30pm tomorrow there will be a huge one here in the shop!!! All bottle cap bracelets will be $3 along with plain head bands. Plain bracelets will be $1.50!!! Don’t muss out on this deal!!!! Also, message the shop a number between 1-10 and you’ll receive an extra corresponding discount!!!!

Have fun shopping!!!! ‘

1. Free plain band with purchase over $5
2. 25% off any bow
3. Free plain bracelet with any $5 purchase
4. 25% off any headband
5. 1/2 off any one item with $10 min.
6. Free shipping over $30 order.
7. Free bottle cap bracelet with any $15 order.
8. 10% off total order
9. 20% off total order
10. 15% off total order.





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