The Zombie Guru

10416845_10205220180493023_892520522_nI am a dislocated Colorado mountain goat that has, through a series of mind-twistingly-strange events, wound up living in Chattanooga. First and foremost, I am a writer. I am a strong activist for the legalization of cannabis and ending the unlawful prohibition of it once and for all, and I am the founder of Spark Up The Vote and the Tennessee River Valley Hempfest on Fascistbook. I am also known as the Zombie Guru, and have my own website for the purposes of blogging, posting assorted twisted writings (as the pointy-toothed guys that live between my ears see fit to let me in on them), and reviews of movies, books and television shows pertaining to the ‘Partially Deceased’. I am a co-host and panelist on Zombiepalooza Radio every Friday night on Livestream from 8:pm-1:am Eastern time.

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Zombie Guru
1628 Ashley Mill Drive
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