The Walking Dead Season 5: Chandler Riggs Misses Girlfriend, Talks TWD Paycheck

the walking dead season 5 filming andrew lincoln norman reedus and chandler riggs

the walking dead season 5 filming andrew lincoln norman reedus and chandler riggs

Everything you could possibly want to know about Chandler Riggs is being discussed on his page. But of course he can’t say anything spoilery about his TV alter ego Carl Grimes or what’s happening next on The Walking Dead Season 5.
When Chandler, who turns 15 next month, is in his trailer or hair/makeup, he seems to hit up the site to answer fan questions. One fan asked if he was allowed to give spoilers for TWD. He answered, “i wish.” (Get in line, pal!) What would happen, another fan asked, if he did give spoilers? Would he be fired? “nah,” he answered, “get yelled at a lot though.” (They are being extra secretive on set this season.)
In other random TWD news, he said it takes about 20-30 minutes for him to get his hair/makeup done as Carl, although touch-ups are just five-10 minutes. He said there’s no set time where filming ends at the end of any day, they plan to keep filming Season 5 until November (like Season 4’s schedule), and as of two days ago he said they were on Day 3 of an eight-day shoot to finish Episode 2.
Chandler Riggs and Girlfriend Hana Hayes


Chandler and Girlfriend

Credit: Chandler on Instagram Photo: Chandler Riggs and Girlfriend Hana Hayes
Chandler was cast as Carl at age 10, but he doesn’t actually know how much he’s making on the blockbuster show. A fan asked, “Well I don’t mean to sound weird but how much do you get paid from twd?” Carl answered, “my parents dont tell me lol.”
He also said his parents don’t let him follow fans, but otherwise they’re not really that strict. Besides, that money is being saved for a good cause — Chandler said he’s just about done with ninth grade at this point and he hopes someday to go to UCLA.
In other personal revelations, he’s currently 5’4” tall and for close to two months now he’s been dating actress Hana Hayes, whom he’s known since January of last year. (They are both in the film Mercy.) On May 1, he shared the photo at left, writing, “happy one month anniversary to the most beautiful girl ive ever met!! ❤❤❤” On May 22, Chandler was asked if he missed Hana; he replied, “i miss her so much, im really hoping she’ll be able to come to the denver comic con.” Ah, young love… Will Carl ever get his own g-friend, though? When asked this, Chandler replied, “lol we will see.”
If you check out his ask page, there are more comments about Hana than TWD, although every so often he’ll slip in something non-spoilery about the AMC show. Chandler was the one who first mentioned when they finished shooting Season 5, Episode 1, and his dad said the first two eps will “blow your pants off.” Episode 3, you’re on your own!



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