Scott Wilson Spoke on Twitter Thursday


“The Walking Dead” is zombie central, so it shouldn’t be surprising that two characters that were killed off have seemingly come back to life. Well, Hershel Greene and Meghan Chambler aren’t exactly back from the dead, but the actors who played them are still kicking. Recently, Scott Wilson and Meyrick Murphy discussed their late counterparts.
Wilson participated in a live fan Q&A last week via Valhalla Entertainment’s Twitter page. The actor said that since Hershel died, “life is fantastic! couldn’t be better,” but he misses his “daughters,” Lauren Cohan and Emily Kinney.
“Of course, they are like family,” he said, adding that on his last day, things on the set were “exceptional, and I felt loved by everyone in the production. Everyone wore suspenders and gave me a round of applause … My last day on the set was quite touching. I miss the wrap parties where everyone gets to celebrate and relax .. If Hershel had to go I’m glad it was at the hands of someone as [talented] as Mr. @davemorrissey64.”



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