Scott Gimple insane things are going to happen in “Us”

On March 18 TV Fanatic shares spoilers from showrunner Scott Gimple himself. First he talked about how Carol had to do what she did because they were trying to show a very real, human thing that happens in the comic book that they wanted to portray as part of this season. While it was sad, it will all make sense in the season finale which is slated to be a very emotional one.

Gimple claims that “insane things are going to happen in “Us” that will lead to the emotional season finale. In this sneak peek video, we here Abraham saying that his group is going to the end of the line. That will require them to go through the dark train tunnel, which could mean that someone will meet a tragic death. There is no telling what awaits inside the tunnel, and it could be anything from walkers, to cannibals, or something even worse. Could Maggie end up losing Glenn forever?

Daryl is also seen in what looks like a somewhat compromising position as he is going to be put into a fight or flight situation with his new unsavory group mates. Walkers attack, and someone is heard telling him that when you follow the rules than the world can be yours. In this world, however, there are no more rules. It’s every last man for himself and it’s hard to stomach for some that aren’t used to always living in fear, being on their own, or having to always watch your back from others, from the walking dead, and never knowing when or where you get to lay our head to rest next.

Despite all these potential “insane” things, Scott Gimple also promises that there will be some hopeful things that happen as well. Both of the last two episodes are slated to be big, intense ones.



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