Rumor has it Survivor from The Original Atlanta Group could be gearing up for a return.

AMC’s apocalyptic hit The Walking Dead is known for its expansive and ever-changing cast, and rumor has it a a largely forgotten face could be gearing up for a return. What we don’t know is if this return is for The Walking Dead or The Companion Series Cobalt

Is there going to be a “Walking Dead” character in the upcoming “Cobalt” spin-off series, after all? It is an interesting thing to speculate about, and there is a tiny bit of evidence that something like this could be happening.Miranda-Morales-001Then again, you have to take this news with a little bit of suspicion, since the source here is not exactly a reliable one: IMDb. On the page right now for the spin-off pilot, actor Juan Gabriel Pareja is listed as appearing in the Morales role. Anyone who thinks back to season 1 of the AMC mega-hit knows that Morales was a key component of many season 1 episodes. It’s being reported that Juan G. Pareja, who played the character Morales in the series’ first six-episode season, could be joining back up with Rick’s gang — or a whole new group, altogether. Though the credibility can be hit and miss, Pareja’s name popped up on the IMDB cast list for the upcoming Walking Dead companion series code-named Cobalt.

If you’ll remember, Pareja’s character was last seen parting ways with Rick’s group (with a walkie-talkie, it’s worth noting) in season one to try and find some missing family in Birmingham, AL. While Morales was Alabama-bound, Rick’s crew headed for the CDC in downtown Atlanta. We never heard from Morales after that, so it’d stand to reason he could still be alive out there.

The casting report could mean a few things. One: Pareja is joining the companion series as Morales, which admittedly doesn’t make a ton of sense, considering the spin off is set in far away Los Angeles. Two: Pareja is joining the spinoff series as a different character, which could make sense, if the creators liked working with him and wanted to give him a bigger role. Three: The cast note is a bit mixed up, and Pareja is rejoining the flagship series. Which makes some sense. Four: The casting report is pure fiction.

Pareja also posted a photo a while back in connection to his appearance at a fan convention with the note “Not Dead,” which could just be him having a bit of fun, but coupled with the casting report it could give the post a bit more substance in hindsight.

Ultimately, it does not really matter to us if the spin-off has any characters from the original show or not, mostly because this show doesn’t really need them. The name “The Walking Dead” itself is probably going to be enough to attract at least a certain percentage of viewers; having a character who only appeared in a handful of episodes may not be that much more of a boost. It’s only interesting if they really matter to the story, and are not just there to be some cute sort of fan service.

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