Q/A With Melissa Cowan


Melissa loved to act in high school; acting has always been a passion of hers. Melissa was working in HR, she quit her job to stay home her 2 kids, as the time went by she started noticing all of the TV shows and movies being filmed in Atlanta where she lives. Originally she started doing extra work just to get out of the house and earn a little extra money.
As the time went by, Melissa became more and more popular and sought after by other casting agents.
Her hard work and determination finally started paying off when she started landing bigger and better roles, such as a vampire, zombie etc…

Her most popular role to date is as “Bicycle Girl” in The Walking Dead, in which her zombie character “bicycle Girl” is being called a legend, Best zombie EVER, and zombie of the year!!!

Melissa has been in more than 10 movies and 7 TV shows. Some of her favorites are, The Vampire Diaries, Halloween 2, Past Life, Lottery Ticket, Hall Pass, Drop Dead Divas, Meet the Browns, House of Payne, and the list goes on.
Melissa also has 2 BIG projects in the works that she hopes to be able to talk about soon, this is not over for her, only beginning!

Melissa loved being a tomb vampire in the Vampire Diaries and everything else in between that she has played. She also gets to play a neighbor in the new Katherine Heigel and Josh Duhamel’s movie “Life as we know it”, she has done various things for Tyler Perry, and tons of other stuff.

Some of her work includes:

Halloween 2 – coffee shop patron
Past Life – Spelling bee audience member
The Tyler Perry Show – audience member
Life As We Know it – neighbor
Due Date – Driver
Past Life – NY street scene
Past Life – Featured yoga girl
Lottery Ticket – upscale restaurant patron
Life as we know it – funeral mourner
Tyler Perry’s Hose of Payne –Featured homeless person
Lottery Ticket – Marta passenger
Vampire Diaries – Library patron
Vampire Diaries – 1950’s high school dance attendee
Vampire Diaries – Vampire X 2 (season 1)
Hall Pass – Neighbor
187 Detroit – street scene
Drop Dead Divas – Club scene
Hall Pass – Baseball game fan
Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns – Hospital patient
The Walking Dead- Bicycle Girl
The Walking Dead- Featured Zombie(s)
Coke Zero commercial – baseball fan
The Terminal – airport traveler

Part one :

· Gina Jones Hey everybody! It’s Gina from TWDFB and Im here with Melissa Cowan who you may remember as Bicycle Girl from the Walking Dead! She’s also done other shows/films Including the upcoming Goosebumps film with Jack Black! Welcome to the Q/A Melissa and thank you for coming!
Melissa Metler Hi. Thanks for having me.

Gina Jones I also want to thank all the fans who came to ask the questions and
Vernon Newton The Owner of The Walking Dead Fan Base for setting the
wheels of this great event in motion.

Melissa Metler I 2nd that.
Gina Jones I am so excited to have been able to speak with you

Mary E Pulliam Edgar Ditto

Gina Jones I have some pre questions from earlier

Gina Jones Brookie Bear asks What was it like working along side Andrew

Melissa Metler Andrew is a really nice guy. He is very professional and very insightful.
It was a true pleasure working with him and getting to know him all of these years now.
He is very genuine and down to earth

Brittany Early Welcome Melissa!

Melissa Metler Hi Brittany

Gina Jones Vivian Jewel Freeman asks Why is your lower half missing?

Vernon Newton Hi Melissa

Barbara Waldron Have you been approached for other roles in movies or tv?

Melissa Metler We never got a official story. I would have to say it safe to assume based on the webisodes, I sacrifice myself for the children.
I was trying to escape on a bike. These zombies / walkers attacked me.
It’s safe to assume that they ate off my lower half.
The reason they call me bicycle girl is as you can remember Rick took off on my bike. Lol

Gina Jones Amazing

Melissa Metler Hi Vernon Newton. Its nice to talk to you again. Thank you very much for inviting me to your group and for this Q&A. You have done a fantastic job with this group.
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Kimberly Twilley Tapley I watched that webisode. I would’ve done the same for my babies.
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Gina Jones Barbara Waldron asks Have you been approached for other roles in movies or tv?
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Vernon Newton and its because of actors like your self that have made the show come alive and groups like ours become what they are today
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Melissa Metler Yes Barbara, I have been a vampire in Vampire Diaries. I just filmed with Jack Black for goosebumps which is coming out next August.
I was just contacted yesterday for a Ford commercial. & I will be filming within the next month for a remake of Night of the Living Dead.
I was acting and modeling before the walking dead, thankfully the walking dad put me at a platform where I got more recognition and more offers.
I am forever grateful and honored. Without my fans I would not be anything.

Gina Jones I agree Kimberly She was a hero trying to save her babies

Gina Jones Tricia Howard asks Melissa I just want to say you were an awesome walker and definitely won’t be forgotten! What’s your best and worst
memory from being on set? Who’s your TWD crush?
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Mary E Pulliam Edgar Melissa Cowan will for ever be an ICON

Gina Jones Yes she is and will forever be Our Icon of the walking dead
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Gina Jones Tricia Howard asks Mellisa I just want to say you were an awesome walker and definitely won’t be forgotten! What’s your best and worst
memory from being on set? Who’s your TWD crush?
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Melissa Metler My best memories with probably be working with Greg and the rest of the Walking Dead family.
When you work that close together for so long you truly do become like a family.
I’ve been on a lot of movie and TV show sets and I can wholeheartedly say there is no other family like The Walking Dead family.
Every time we do appearances together I am honored and happy to see everybody its like we pick up where we left off.
As far as crushes, I guess because I know the majority of them personally it’s hard to say I have a crush on any of them. Lol

Zachary Stiltner How does it feel to be one of The Walking Dead biggest icons?

Gina Jones I think that for the most of us Fans having Actors who really want to enjoy their fan base makes you guys really special

Melissa Metler Also, something I would like to add about the webisodes.
I know that wasn’t “me” as far as the actress that played the survivor/Hannah.
I was originally scheduled to play that however there was scheduling conflicts and they went with Lily, maybe they were going to use her for the survivor in me for the zombie.
However, when I got back from zombiebcon in Seattle I filmed for a day so as soon as you see Hannah get bit and turned into a walker I did all of that. (The zombie)

Melissa Metler @zachary it’s something that I don’t think I will ever get used to. It’s hard to consider myself an icon or a legend.

Gina Jones I dont think anyone eles could have been Bicycle Girl for us except you

Gina Jones Vivian Jewel Freeman asks Bicycle girl actually looked like she
wanted Rick to put her out of her misery. Is this true?

Melissa Metler Thank you Gina Jones. I like to think of it that way too. Lol
After I read the script and visualized the scene.
I talked with Frank, Greg, Robert and Andrew Lincoln on set.
we wanted to portray emotion, sadness and anguish through my body language and eyes.
When I auditioned with Frank in person we went over some of that briefly and I think that has a lot to do with why he chose me. I’m forever grateful for his decision.

Marsha Dillon I’m excited that The Night Of The Living Dead is doing a remake! What will be your part in the film Melissa?

Melissa Metler I think there was a level of misery and it wasn’t that Rick killed me because he felt threatened, he did it out of compassion

Gina Jones I have been a huge zombie Fan since I was a kid But when I saw you and Rick — I was so full of emotion that was a rough scene

Melissa Metler Percy script that I got right now I will be a survivor turned a zombie. At this point due to confidentiality agreements I think that is all I can say.

Gina Jones ahhhh we will be looking for you

Gina Jones Alaana Maree McCallister asked
Was Walker University hard?

Melissa Metler Jack Black and I at San Diego Comic Con premiering the trailer for goose bumps

Gina Jones Cj Creech asks How was it like on the set of Goosebumps?
Is Jack Black as funny off screen as on?

Melissa Metler I was already auditioned chosen and for my part.
Greg at the spur of the moment had me go to Walker university because I did play other walkers in the first season. It wasn’t hard. They showed what type of zombies they wanted what type of movements and things like that. They also use that as a small level of process of elimination

Gina Jones I would love to go to Walker University

Jimmie Bradley Scott ^^^^^ ditto

Melissa Metler Yes, jack is very witty and funny and he likes to sing.
He was very involved with the movie and how he wanted the scenes to be portrayed. It was a good learning experience.

Gina Jones He seems like a lot of Fun

Gina Jones Denise Cartwright & Brittany Early asks How long did it take for all the make up and special effects to be placed on you?

Brittany Early I would love to go to Walker University as well!!!

Sandra Winona Ditto Gina!

Melissa Metler We (they) worked on it for about 8 months before we filmed.
I had to go through the body Casting process because every piece was custom for me.
The day that we filmed it took a little over three and a half hours. We filmed for the majority of the day and then it took about two and a half hours to take it off.

Kimberly Dooley OMG! Melissa Metler this is the exact scene that got me HOOKED on TWD! You are absolutely AMAZING!!! Thank you for such an amazing job!!!!

Gina Jones That is a long time

Melissa Metler Also, sorry that I’m having to do this through my personal page. I have yet figure out how to do live chats and q@a through my fan page.

Vernon Newton Do you remember this pic not sure if i said thank you for it

Brittany Early Wow that’s a lot! Was it breathable casting material?

Gina Jones Jimmie Bradley Scott asks As a walker did it upset you that Rick
stole your bike Like the meme shows.

Gina Jones Everyone Please take a moment to Like Melissa Cowans Page If you have not Already

Melissa Metler Vernon Newton yes, if I’m not mistaking Hyway Harris got that for you.
I have had more than a dozen fans mention you and your group over the past year or two at my various appearances in the United States.

Chris Trumbull Hi Melissa I have a painting a bought that has you and Norman Reedus that Iam having him sign for a friend her daughter is fighting undifferentiated sarcoma cancer and would be an honor for you to sign it as well .. It’s a gift from me to her to help her fight this cancers

Melissa Metler No I was not upset that he stole my bike. After all, I didn’t have legs so I couldn’t use it anyway. The walkers must have been hungry that day. LOL

Mary E Pulliam Edgar http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j…

Jack Jacobs Hi gina

Jimmie Bradley Scott ^^^^^^ buahahhahahahha

Melissa Metler @chris I would be honored to sign that for you. If we don’t meet up I will be more than happy to give you my p.o. Box and we can arrange something that way.

Gina Jones Hi Jack

Mary E Pulliam Edgar http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j…

Melissa Metler Thank you all for taking the time to speak to me and ask me questions. Also thank you for the continued support.

Gina Jones Annel Taveras-Craig asks How happy are you that you got to be on the greatest show on earth?

Cathy Hartman How long did you have to sit in makeup?

Melissa Metler It’s amazing. When I filmed was before the show was even on the air. I had no idea that it would ever turn into be something this amazing.

Jimmie Bradley Scott Thanks for taking the time to be here. Glad to hear you were not upset about the bike

Cathy Hartman putting it on that is. lol

Gina Jones Rashida Merritt-Davis & Melinda Wofford asks Are you going to get to work on the set again with all the characters or was it just a one time thing

Melissa Metler At this point I don’t know.

Vernon Newton Yes they was Hyway who got me that picture and i guess me and the group are becoming famous in our own right lol

Chris Trumbull Thank you Melissa I will be at walkerstalkercon this weekend I will stop by your table thank you again this well make her day

Mary E Pulliam Edgar http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j…

Zachary Stiltner Sorry to blurt out but thanks you for replying to me Melissa

Jack Jacobs Hey I have a questioning for Melissa

Melissa Metler You’re not blurting out at all. I think that anyone can ask questions.

Melissa Metler And you’re welcome. Lol

Gina Jones Go Ahead Jack Jacobs

Gina Jones I dont want to Keep Melissa here longer than she can be here So Honored to have had this Awesome chance

Melissa Metler Melissa Cowan
PO BOX 2748

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Mary E Pulliam Edgar Agreed Gina Jones

Jack Jacobs Question what is it like to be a zombie especially one on the walking dead

Melissa Metler Again, thank you all for your support. You guys is what makes this show kick ass!!!

Zachary Stiltner Thanks once again Melissa Metler

Kimberly Dooley You were sooo amazing and just want to thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions!

Sandra Winona Thank you Melissa Metler!

Melissa Metler It was an amazing experience. It was a lot of hard work that took a lot of determination and dedication.
I would do it again in a heartbeat and wouldn’t change anything.

Sandra Winona Thank you Gina Jones!

Gina Jones you guys are ever so welcome

Melissa Metler I would be honored to do another Q&A with you guys again. It has been fun. I love the variety of questions.

Gina Jones there was one last question

Gina Jones Sandra Winona asks Melissa, would you sign my Bicycle Girl art piece once it is complete? I do TWD art, my favorite series and favorite subject in my art. Bicycle girl will always be my favorite.

Melissa Metler Thank you Gina Jones Mary E Pulliam Edgar and Vernon Newton. Without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

Gina Jones We love you Melissa — please let us know what is upcoming

Melissa Metler Absolutely.

Melissa Metler If you want you can send it to my PO Box or email me and we can arrange something.