Hello My name is Gary Hill I am 19 years old and I have been a fan of the walking dead since the start of the tv show in 2010 and then later on I have became a fan of the comic book. When I first heard of the walking dead it didn’t really appealed to me because I have not been a fan of horrors before. But then when I watched I was so intrigued in it and I connected to the characters from the off and that’s how my love for the walking dead started.

I currently attend college studying creative media mainly in television and films. My dream is too become a writer or director and I even do a bit of acting on the side, last year I created my own zombie film which you can see on my channel it is called the extinction, which I acted in and I wrote and directed it too.

I decided to make you tube videos because I have been a fan of other you tubers and I always loved getting my giving my own opinions about shows out there. My videos on my channel are mainly about the walking dead but I do talk about other “stuff and things” and am also willing to take requests on topics and subjects about shows, and even if you wanted me to review a show I would always check it out.

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What I would hope to achieve from my youtube videos is to get a great amount of followers from fellow fans so we can have great discussions about the show we love. I also would love people to suggest videos for me and also maybe do a QnA session where the fans can ask me questions and Ill make a video with my answers and that could be about anything from the show to about me.

If you would like to follow me on the social follow my twitter account @hillster94 and that’s how you can contact me.

So yeah please check out the channel and like and subscribe and comment and let me know what you think am always looking forward to hearing peoples opinions on the show. Hope to hear from you soon..

Gary Hill