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Hey Fellow walkers My name is Vernon Newton i’m 40 and I have liked the walking dead since i saw the original trailer back in 2010, But this is not what got me started with my interest in zombies that would have been back when i was 7 and watch Dawn of the Dead and loved it shortly after that seeing Zombie Flesh Eaters i was hooked but in the early years there were not many zombie films and most were low budget but dont get me wrong some of these have since become classics. Since i first watched the walking dead i have noticed a sudden influx of new zombie films and in recent years besides the walking dead 3 other tv shows and to think the walking dead started from a comic started back in 2003 By the amazing man Robert Kirkman which has gone on to produce 5 seasons on tv 5 novels and at least 7 games all based on his world. I got hooked by their world their struggles and their trials to survive the daily tasks we take for granted this is what draws me in and makes me keep coming back for more, and has fueled my loved for everything walking dead or zombie based. I am currently working as a crew member in McDonalds not great but hey its a jobs and pays the bills Just, when i’m at home i run my facebook group The Walking Dead Fan Base which i created with my girlfriend Karen Davies and friend Kieran Murphy back on September 14th 2013, Along with this i run The Walking Dead Fan Base page as well as our twitter @TWDFANBAS account which i update daily with help from my admins. It was quite quick to notice we ha something special here by the way the numbers were going up and the amounts that were asking to join we were doing something right. Over time i added a few more admin Gary Hill and Clement Boulanger both very talented in their own fields Gary with his Videos and Clement with graphic design and soon became the groups official artist. By August 2014 we were hitting 20k members which was amazing and considering we had added 5k over the july 4th weekend it was looking to be an amazing 1st year for the group. By September 14th we had 25k members and on the 12th of September I was invited to be a guest on the Zombiepalooza radio show to talk about the group and our upcoming birthday and everything that inspired me to create the group and where i saw the future. Many great thing have still happened since like one of our Admins CJ Creech of Creech Productions was given media status at the WSC where he would mingle with the stars from the show and have a few pics taken with them which brings us to the groups biggest achievements. Having a Photo with Andrew Lincoln with CJ holding up a Group t-shirts and Andrew saying he knows of the group and to keep up the great work, If that wasnt enough after talking to both Michael Rooker and Greg Nicotero Both also said they had heard of the group and to keep up the great work. That bring us up to date we have promoted several little projects from artists authors to film makers and were always looking for the next project to promote within our little network we have created which help gain a fan movie 10k views on twitter in one month, Now 19 months since the group was founded we have 60k members 40 actors who have played walkers in the show as well as 5 actors one of the Best admin teams i’ve ever seen and an awesome family team including myself Vernon Newton Creator and Owner of The Walking Dead Fan Base facebook Group,fan Page and @TWDFANBAS Bruce Johnson Co Owner of Twddeadtalk.com Nora Clizbe Jones Co Owner of Twddeadtalk.com Cj Creech Owner of Creech Creative Productions Gary Hill Owner of Hillster Productions Skot Pierson — The Zombie Guru. So where do we go from here ??? Of course to bigger and better things were always looking for things to promote and expand our little family and to become the biggest best and most loved TWD Family out there. So if you wanna check us out and see what we’re all about all three links are below. So what you waiting for come check us out before the ZomPoc Starts. https://www.facebook.com/groups/thewalkingdeadfanbase https://www.facebook.com/twdfanbase https://twitter.com/TWDFANBAS Vernon Newton V””””V
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