Deleted Scenes from the walking dead

Rick & Lori Grimes

Rick & Lori Grimes

Ever wondered what Happened to Guillermo, also referred to as “G”, is the head of the Vatos gang and the custodian of the nursing home in Atlanta, Georgia of AMC’s The Walking Dead or all the foreshadowing of the Governor and Terminus way back in season One and Two.

Watch Deleted Scenes from The Walking Dead Season 1- 4

Here is the a set of deleted scene videos we have gathered

Walking Dead Deleted Scenes Pt. 1 ( Lead into foreshadow of Governor )

Walking Dead Deleted Scenes Pt. 2 ( Lead into foreshadow of Gareth and Terminus? )

Walking Dead Deleted Scenes Pt. 3 ( short clips )

Walking Dead Deleted Scenes Pt. 4 ( Beth & Carl on Life Death & God’s Plan )

Season 3 Clear

Season 3 Hounded

Season 3 Carol and Merel

Season 4 With Hershel

Deleted Scene Season 4 Rick and Carl

Deleted Scene Season 4 The Grove

The Walking Dead | Season 3 | Deleted Scene #3 | 3×06 “Hounded” | Alternate Version

Deleted Scene Season 4 Beth & Daryl

Deleted Scene Season 4 Us

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