Creech Questions with Guest IronE Part 2



Creech Questions with Guest IronE Part 2

IronE Singleton Interview T-dog from the walking dead

Creech Questions with IronE Singleton — T-dog from The Walking Dead Part 2


CJ:When did you find out that T-Dog’s number was up and that he was going to die? What was your reaction to it?


IronE: You’re about to make me cry, CJ(laughs). I found out a month in advance, roughly a month before we shot it. It was sad, but it was a long time coming. When I was cast, they told me T-Dog would last 2,maybe 3 episodes, but I made it all the way to Season 3. The joy I had from the overall experience outweighed the sadness of leaving. Instead of 2 or 3 episodes, I had 3 seasons to work with some of the best people I’ve met in the industry so far and I wouldn’t change it for anything.


CJ:I have to say, even to this current season, T-Dog had the most heroic death in the series so far.


IronE: That right there added to my gratefulness because it could have been just a quick, throwaway death. It could have been something where the people just didn’t remember it like,”Hey, what happened to T-Dog?” “Oh he’s dead, I think. Right before the commercial break a zombie bit him, and he’s gone.” But it didn’t happen that way. I feel like it was a testament to what they thought of my portrayal of T-Dog for all those years and wanted to reward me in a sense. That’s how I took it. If you have to go out on a show like “The Walking Dead”, that’s the best way to go out:to go out heroically. The producers came to me before we even shot it, before I even got a script and they said ,” We really think you are going to appreciate the way T-Dog dies” They kept saying that, and I just kept saying “T-Dog’s death? What are you talking about?” I finally got the script and realized exactly what they were talking about. He died a hero. I’m just so thankful to have worked on the show, it was a blast


CJ:What is your take on Season 4 of TWD and thoughts on where you think they may be headed?


IronE:Season 4 was very explosive with so much going on and the introduction of so many new characters.(But with season 5),the show has a plethora of options from which to choose as far as where the show might go. Given season 4’s conclusion at Terminus, unfortunately, a big pot of seasoned boiling water is a very viable option:. However, Rick seems to rise to the occasion under the most dire circumstances, so I don’t think he’ll let that happen.


CJ: At the posting of this interview,We are two weeks post Walker Stalker Con Atlanta. James and Eric do a great job with every convention, and this con was no exception. What do you like most about Walker Stalker Con, and what do you think sets them apart from other conventions?


IronE: The People. The Organizers and Founders Eric and James: They’re incredible human beings. They’re great people; They’re spiritually grounded. It’s more than just business with them. They’re just great people and they treat people the right way. They treat people the way they want to be treated. They also roll out the red carpet for us. They wine and dine us, but (most importantly) they care. I think that’s what sets them (apart) from other conventions. Unlike Other conventions, with the exception of maybe a couple others, it’s not just about money for them. You can just tell they are good people at the core and that’s why whenever they do anything convention related, I say yes. Its why I’m signed up for all of their conventions. I just said “Look, James and Eric sign me up for every convention that you do”, and its just a huge testament to who they are and their character and their team of people. They listen to people. Whatever the fans want,they go out and try to get it. On top of that, its called the Walker Stalker Con. Their main focus is on walkers and zombies, but they have other talent from shows like ” The Vampire Diaries “. But with it being centered mainly on “The Walking Dead”, it gives me an opportunity to see pretty much all of my former castmates. (In Atlanta), most of my castmates were there. Even Rick, and if Andrew Lincoln is coming out, you know, that just doesn’t happen. That’s because I feel again, just who James and Eric are. They are just great people, and you want to work with people like that.


CJ: At Walker Stalker Con Atlanta, You performed your one man stage Show,”Blindsided by the Walking Dead”. How did it feel to perform your show in the city where the events mostly occurred, and also at a con based around the show that was a major part of your life for 3 years? Also, Did you feel it’s almost like all the stars had aligned for that particular performance?


IronE:I think the stars have been aligning since my birth as is the case for every single human being on earth, because we’re all created for a purpose. As long as we ‘listen’ and ‘obey,’ our purpose will be in perfect alignment with those stars. I know that I KNOW that my one man show is in direct alignment with God’s plan. The Walker Stalker Con, something so closely connected to a show that is such a world wide sensation and phenomenon, only corroborates and confirms that notion. I am forever humble and thankful for God’s grace.


CJ:Well, that is going to wrap up this edition of Creech Questions with IronE Singleton. If you want to keep up with IronE, follow him on Twitter @ironesingleton or his website!


Also, if you want to learn more about Walker Stalker Con and see what cities they are going to next, check them out at! See everyone next time!
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