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Beth's first view of Post-Apocalyptic Atlanta!

Beth’s first view of Post-Apocalyptic Atlanta!

Sneak Peek Slabtown Video




Fan Made Theory 505



Prediction Poll For SlabTown


exclusive behind the scenes filming with Emily Kinney in slabtown

Exclusive Photos From Behind the Scene Slabtown

Exclusive Photos From The Walking Dead Behind th Scenes Episode 504 Slabtown & 2 Sneak Peek Photos from 505
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Happy that Noah got away!

Happy that Noah got away!

Zombie Guru’s Review Of SlabTown

Review and Projections for Slabtown:
I gotta say, I LIKE the direction that this is going, and I LOVE that Beth is FINALLY BACK! Far removed from the timid girl of the farm in Season 2, THIS Beth has come into her own and is learning that she has bigger balls than most of the men around her when she needs to accomplish her goals… and she’s damn sure not afraid of Dawn!
I now believe that rather than Morgan (or possibly in addition to him) however, the one behind Daryl in the wood-line is none other than Noah (lately of the Lollypop Guild), and that somehow his path intertwined with Daryl and Carol’s, and that chaos ensued implementing a plan to get Carol inside undercover to rescue Beth. This is by NO means a filler story, as some have claimed, but rather a carefully-calculated and neatly-weaved web that, if I am correct, will have profound implications for the entire group, as evidenced by Abraham’s appearance in the sneak-peek of Episode 5 on Talking Dead. I’m thinking that Abraham has sent Daryl and Noah back to the church to retrieve Rick and the rest so that a proper assault can be mounted against Dawn’s forces to save Beth and Carol and get the WHOLE group moving toward DC, probably dropping by Noah’s “walled” family compound in Richmond, Virginia to rest up, restock and prepare for the final leg of the trip to Wonderland.
I give this episode 4 out of 5 bitten-off (or otherwise creatively-severed) thumbs up!
That’s my take… What’s yours?

Skot “Zombie Guru” Pierson,